Welcome to the 3 Steps to Success Challenge!

Start off 2024 the way you intend to continue with simple and sustainable habits for long-term success.

Starts: Monday 8th January
Duration: 3 weeks
Entry: Free to all Nutracheck members

Your aim: To keep a 3-week unbroken diary streak AND to complete the tasks set each week.

This January our challenge is about building healthy habits that will last beyond these 3 weeks and produce year-long success! Resolutions often fail because we try and change too much too quickly, so we're keeping it real. You have just three simple things to focus on: easy swaps, healthy adds and regular moving!

Your challenge
1.    Keep an accurate food diary every day.
2.    To focus on your weekly task.

How it will work
Each week there will be a different theme to help you build some healthy habits - and importantly these will be personal to you.

  • Week 1 – Swap it!
This task is all about your food and lifestyle habits and picking out things you can swap to be healthier. We'll give you a swaps list for ideas - you pick the ones that work for you. e.g. switch white bread for best of both.
  • Week 2 – Add it!

Forget the diet deprivation message, this is all about adding foods into your diet. The focus will be on important nutrients and which foods are great additions e.g. topping your morning porridge with fresh fruit. Again, we'll give you a list of suggestions and you pick what you want to try.

  • Week 3 – Move it!

The final week is all about getting on our feet more, with a focus specifically on reducing long periods of sitting. If you have limited mobility, there will be exercise options for you.

Ultimately this is YOUR challenge – the key to success is to make it your own! Use our ideas for inspiration – pick foods you like and what works for your lifestyle. Remember we're going for long-term change, not a quick fix, so make these changes ones you can keep going with.

We’ll be keeping in touch with everyone throughout the challenge via emails, forum posts, push notifications and Facebook posts.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an email a few days before the challenge starts with additional information about your weekly tasks.

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